Our Previous Lives

We have been on the road for quite a while now, about 9 months to be precise. We bailed on the lease of our home in Enmore, Sydney, we packed all of our belongings into storage, Chris quit her job, I walked away from a successful business. We said goodbye to friends we said goodbye to family and we hit the road. We set off into the sunset with no intentions of living in Sydney again. We left our lives behind. 

But what kind of lives did we leave behind exactly? This post is a look at our lives in Sydney before we became drifting nomads.

So for a crust, I owned a cafe in Darlinghurst and Chris worked at Sydney Uni. This is what took up most of our time. My cafe was a fun little venture with super tight-kniit staff and loyal customers. It was a sweet little spot to hang and the breakies we put out were second to none. We opened evenings and put on live music. It was one of the funnest times of my life, though also one of the most hectic. Chris worked Monday to Friday at the uni and worked weekends and nights at the cafe. We rarely had a day off obviously. Anyone who’s owned a business before understands, it’s like having a baby. It was our lives, it was tough, it was sometimes rewarding. People always ask us if we would undertake something like that again, the simple answer is no.

Chris adored her role at the Uni. She was the external engagement officer for the Design and Architecture department (I think), this was an incredibly diverse role which saw her doing something different everyday. She was doing tonnes of events, dealing with industry and even running community outreach programs. It was such a dream for her to be able to use her design degree with such comfortable conditions. She had a tight work crew that was hard to say goodbye to and I know she misses a lot. She also grew up in Sydney so there was also her incredible family that she misses every day- including 3 hillarious and adorable young nephews that she loves as her own. 

When we did have any time away from work this was generally known as party time. We had a sweet little two bedder that we shared with our cat Vinnie, we had a backyard with a veggie patch, we had people over 247. We ate and ate and ate. We drank and drank and drank. Julliet St was all about banquets and endless bottles of red. Big nights would usually end up on the roof watching the sunrise. We were never short of good company thats for sure
Below are a few pics from the cafe, chris’s and our old home sweet home, friends and family. Goodtimes with good people….

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