Chris’s Parents Visit (look after us) in Tasmania

So I am on blog post catchup, its been a long time in between posts. Its just really hard to stay up to date when you’re on the road daily as you could imagine. So expect a blog blitz with a post each day for the next ten days or so! 

So this post is a little appreciation post for Chris’s parents Ric and Ruth who paid us a visit in our final week spent in Tasmania. We had been on the road for a few months now and had spent the last two months working hard on the vineyard. We were working all day and going back to a campsite each day to recoup and get ready to do it all again. Needless to say we were cold, we were tired, we were sore. Im guessing Chris’s mum sensed this on the phone when they caught up because a holiday to Tasmania was hatched in which we where we would stay with them in a big house with showers and all the rest and spend most of the time eating.

In between lapping up all the love and care we still had our last week of work to wrap up. While we worked Ma and Pa travelled around and checked Bicheno out themselves visiting the zoo among other things. When we weren’t working we would travel around and see some sites together. We visited the Launceston markets, the Bay of Fires, Wineglass Bay, we even stopped by Liffey as Ma demanded to meet the farmer who looked after us so much at the start of the trip. Unfortunately Lindsay the farmer was away at work so Ma just left the gifts she brought with a thankyou note in his letterbox.

So after a week of fun and being fussed over it was time to jump back on the Spirit of Tassy and head back to the mainland. We said our goodbyes and drove off with a van packed to the rafters with food rations which we’re still eating now!

So thanks again guys, I know Ma is reading this right now she is The Endless Honeymoons biggest fan! Thanks again, it was a great end to our time in Tassy and very much appreciated. Theres a great collection of photos from their time with us. See if you can pic the moment when Chris has had enough of having her photo taken lol!    

One Reply to “Chris’s Parents Visit (look after us) in Tasmania”

  1. Thank you very much Joseph & Chris!! It was great sharing your adventures with you even just for a short time. Actually was wishing you’d post even one photo in your blog- just so we would be a part of it- but now it’s overwhelming how you wrote about it!! Again, THANK YOU!!!😘😘


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