That Time We Stayed on a Truffle Farm…

So it’s starting to become pretty obvious to us that this journey is becoming less and less about the places we go, and more and more about the people we meet that give meaning to those places. If you read through previous posts you’ll notice an emerging motif of constant amazement at the generosity showered upon us by the strangers we encounter. This was no different when we stayed with Matt and Aimee on their quaint truffle farm, although they are not strangers anymore.
Our two weeks were up at the olive grove and there was still no sign yet that our car had been fixed. Rather than wear out our welcome we organised another farm stay and what is starting to seem like the “Seph and Chris gourmet food tour” continued. We said our goodbyes and got picked up by Aimee to go help out on their truffle farm at Rowella. Same deal really, do some work, recieve food, and a roof (and those precious hot showers) only this time it was a little different.
The thing about farming truffles is all the hard work is done post season. The soil conditioning, the propagating, the pruning, these are all done once winter is through. So since all the hard work had been done what were we there to do? Well, Matt works FIFO mining work so is only home one week at a time and Aimee is a pharmisist who gets home each day after dark. Aimee explained that if we could play with the dogs and make sure the fire is going when she got home that would be a great help, and apart from that just relax. These things we could easily do though we convinced Aimee we could paint their house aswell and garden and cook and whatever else we could. As much as we tried, in the end I think they ended up helping us more than we helped them.
So our days were spent playing with the Turbo and Peppa and lazying about though we did end up getting the house painted. While Aimee was at work our boss was a cat named Ben which watched our every move. These were our days, our nights were food, boardgames, and laughs. Aimee took us out looking for truffles when she had a day off which is basically an adults version on treasure hunting. I dont think ive ever seen Chris so excited. The Oak trees are still fairly young and a year or two off getting a “quit your job yield”, also was a tad early in the season as they need some frost to get going. Aimee showed us all around the area, the beach, the beaconsfield mining town, the wineries, it really is a beautiful area.
Life couldnt get better really, than the phone rang. Our van was fixed and ready. We couldnt believe it, it had been so long. Could this be real? Yes it was. Matt was kind enough to drive us all the way to Deloraine to pick it up and we drove the old girl back grinning ear to ear still in disbelief. We were back on the road. Not only were we back on the road but it turns out Matt is a whizz with electronics. Not only did he fix our fridge and lights but he gave us a battery. HIS OWN BATTERY Our second battery was an old lead one with no charge so he gaves us his and rewired everything. We were over the moon, it had been a while since we had discussed any future plans, in fact I was bracing myself for a phone call saying the car couldnt be fixed. Such Joy.
Matt and Aimee took us camping before we left up at Ben Lomond, which is a ski field nearby. We sat around the camp fire drinking, laughing, philosophising and more drinking (as you do with new found friends). We woke up in the morning to a beautiful note saying thankyou and  goodbye, as they had to take off early. We were disappointed we couldnt return the thanks but im sure we will one day. They sure did help a lot. Again, the kindness of strangers thing, there really are good people in the world. Or maybe just Tasmania? I dont know. All I know is we have a car that goes and we’re back on the road ready for our next adventure…

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