Dear Mum,

Happy Mothers Day. I thought you might like this. during my wedding speech I said a couple of nice things about you that I thought needed to be said. As you were unable to attend you were never actually able to hear these nice things I said about you. So I thought it might share this little excerpt from my speech for you to read through on Mothers Day and remind yourself that you are a pretty darn good mum, enjoy…


She comes with many alias’s these days but to me and gab shes mum. She couldn’t make it here today, though If it were physically possible I know she would be nowhere else.

I owe everything to my mum.

Every part of who I am I owe to that lady.

My sense of humour and pretty much everything else chris described tonight that’s all her doing.

Its no secret our family had some rough patches. A common missconseption I hear that gets thrown around is that gabby and myself have achieve so much despite our upbringing and I am going to use this opportunity to set the record straight. I want everyone to know that (and gabby will agree here) we are the people we are today because of mum and not despite her.

For all the drama in our lives there was never a moment we’re we didn’t feel loved. I had a front row seat to mums plight and this is where I first learned compassion for people. I watched my mum go cold turkey sober not once but twice, and this is where I witnessed first hand the strength that is possible. My mums strength through life has given me strength and it has pushed and inspired me and for that I am truly thankful.


2 Replies to “Dear Mum,”

  1. Oh Bear… u make me cry.. u make me laugh… old saying..’its not how often u fall.. its how often you stand up again’ u were the reason I could stand…. u were all Tone and I had to believe in what came next.. both of us were flawed… but loving u we both did our best.. Happy Mothers Day by manchild…x


  2. Josie did u say that in a public forum. . U make me feel humble.. I have nothing but love for you and Gabrielle. .. u have a heart for compassion.. dont ever lose that son.. love u always…mumma bear..x


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