Goodbye Liffey

Well thats it. We have said goodbye to the warmth and safety of the old Liffey school many times now and the free flowing water and internet kept bringing us back. Today is the day though, we start work on and apple orchard tomorrow so we wont be back for quite sometime.
It has been a pretty incredible introduction to Tasmania and Australian rural life and will not be soon forgotton. It has been so facinating learning all about the history of this beautiful unassuming setting and meeting all the people that call it home.
We are thankful for being aloud to setup camp here and thankful to farmer Lindsay and his son Sammy for looking after us and showing us around. If you have been following along this little story of our time here you would be quite aware at not only how mind blowing the hospitality has been, but how much we have been racking our brains trying to come up with a suitable gift to show our gratitude.
Well in the end I think we nailed it.
I mentioned earlier Lindsays music folder where he keeps his music, his songs hes written, and assorted clipping and mementos. Well we thought we would add to that for him. Lindsay has written songs for all the people he cares about though noone has ever written one for him. I wrote lindsay a bush poem called “The Man from Liffey Way”,  an appropriation of A B Patterson’s Man from Ironbark.
Below is a pic of Lindsay reading his poem about himself, he couldnt quite believe it. He assured us that next time we visit he’ll of put some music to it and maybe even perform it at the RSL. It warms our hearts to think of him at the RSL showing it off to everyone in his little music book.
Hopefully it’ll help him remember us, as we wont forget him. Thanks Lindsay, and thanks Liffey. No doubt we’ll be back soon…

4 Replies to “Goodbye Liffey”

  1. that is the best gift! i have a friend who sang her own composition about our friendship. she dedicated it me and called it treasure. lovely blogs guys. keep it up.


  2. Beautiful gesture… I appreciate that you guys have been so looked after and have had such a positive first experience while travelling. .. many thanks to Lindsey…x


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