Liffey Days (part three)

The Fine Line Between Making Yourself at Home and Wearing Out Your Welcome
So we have been a Liffey now, camped up beside the old school for a bit over a week now. We are pretty low on funds and are waiting on some fruit picking work to come through. The van hasn’t been dealing with the bitter Tasmanian mornings to well. And we have found ourselves with phone service, free electricity, hot water, and a roof over our head if required, all very valuable things when youre on the road. Add to this an over-hospitable farmer next door who is giving us everything barring the shirt on his back (firewood, food, water etc) well really, theres not to much motivation to get back on the road just yet. But this does come at a cost obviously.
I don’t know if there is a name for it but what we have been experiencing can only be described as wearing-out-your-welcome-phobia. The guilt that comes with burning through some nice guys pile of winter firewood as you gladly use his wood fired oven to bake pizzas with produce he has given you is astronomical. We have been racking our brains trying to come up with some way to pay him back for his hospitality but not sure just yet. 
Anyways we are thinking we might hit the road tomorrow we are too looked after here we feel bad. 
So here is a bit of a collection of photos of us enjoying Liffey and the surrounds. Sheltering in the sacred old school from storms, cooking up the local produce, rabbit, corn, tomatos, apples and woodfired pizza god damn, and well what every else we have been up to the last few days

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