The Liffey Markets (part two)

So it started out just as a stupid idea we were having a laugh about, as most things usually do. Why dont we sell our clothes? Why dont I bake bread? Surely we have some knick knacky stuff why dont need? We didnt really have anything to offer at all. When youre on the road you generally travel as light as possible which kind of left us in a bit of a predicament. You see we had been having some car troubles and couldnt really move it out of the way of the markets, also we didnt really want to let the farmer next door down. He told us all about the struggling markets and the decline of stalls and turn out so we really couldnt just lob our car in the middle and not get involved.

At least we’ll meet some people I guess I reassured chris.

Like most things it all came together on the day. I remembered that as a parting gift chris’s mum gave us a popcorn maker with 4kg of popcorn kurnels which we had carried since. Boom. Gourmet flavoured popcorn. Lets blow some minds.

We put on 3 flavours, toffee, garlic and thyme and normal and I must say it was quite a hit. In fact we sold out. Im not sure if it was our flavours that got everyone talking all the fact there was two people there under the age of 60. Eitherway we were a bit of a novelty so we rolled with it.

After the popcorn was gone we were treated to devonshire tea and some tunes from local band “the meander men” inside the old school. Irish folk. Brilliant. I chatted to the fellas after, they described their band as just a few mates having a good time. Nothing wrong with a bit of modesty I thought. One of the guys loved chris and my story and filled us in on how he did the same when he and his wife married. In fact they went as far as Liffey and Liffey is where theve been since. I joked at how chris and I may never leave.

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